"Making more money and being financially savvy won’t necessarily give you

the life you want

because money goes deeper than the numbers."

Marlene and Thuy

So How Did It All Start for Us?

Our beautiful friendship is built upon a shared passion for personal growth, cooking, nature, family and helping others. We even share the same values and personality type!

When we started our entrepreneurship journey together in 2014, we had a clear goal of creating a business that provided financial freedom for ourselves and our families.

Reflecting back on those years, we realized that we had set an arbitrary number for our revenue goal. And this led us down a rabbit hole to creating a business that resulted in yo-yo income earning years, crazy work hours, multiple changes in service offerings, and essentially investing our time and money in activities that we didn’t really enjoy doing.

The good news is – we did have a regular routine of reflecting on our numbers, our services and where we were in our business. In developing our Money Mask program, we decided to put ourselves through the program as part of the guiding principle that we practice what we preach.

And oh boy…did we ever open a can of worms! We had countless tears, aha moments, laughs and were left inspired. We realized we had been focused on achieving financial freedom, and everything else was secondary – including ourselves. We’re both certified financial planners by background… so it made sense.

After the realization that we had only been focused on the number goal, our goal changed from “financial freedom” to the “life that we want”. And guess what? The money followed!

We immediately started letting go of everything that was not serving us. We created space to nurture and invest our money + time towards what makes us happiest.

We transformed our business, letting go of our financial planning practice, which represented 75% of our revenue… because it did not bring us joy.

“Let your heart-centred vision of your life guide you
the money will follow”

Marlene and Thuy

Today, we are doing what we love and we are creating the money + time freedom we’ve always wanted, and this can be YOURS too. Honestly, servicing, empowering and caring for people is wired in our DNA. This is what we were born to do.

We share our journey to money freedom in hopes of inspiring, and even better, motivating YOU to let the heart-centred vision of your life guide you. And then, YOUR money will follow!

This is YOUR life. YOUR business. YOUR heart. YOUR family on the line.

And we want to give you the tools and support you need to look beyond the black and white numbers into beautiful shades of grey (and pink) to make the life YOU want not only possible, but a reality.

Ready to bring your heart-centred vision to life?