Live The Life You Want: Empowered By Your Money

Live The Life You Want: Empowered By Your Money

Welcome to our first blog post!

We are so thrilled to have you as part of our powerful network of individuals inspired to live a life fulfilled.

From our experience, we have seen that regardless of the amount that individuals earn, spend, save or invest, money is often seen as an obstacle that keeps us from truly living the life that we want. Some of us will even go as far as putting on hold our dreams to have the career we want, open our own business, travel the world, have a loving relationship, or to invest in ourselves. All because we think we don’t have enough money. Does any of this sound familiar? The good news is – whether you have $1 or $1M in your bank account, the life you want can be attained TODAY with ease.


Have you ever caught yourself getting hung up on the numbers in our bank account or the debt that you owe? To the point where it creates worry and anxiety? What we don’t realize is that money goes much deeper than the numbers. The way that money shows up in our life is really a reflection of our values, our upbringing and our experiences. It took us nearly 15 years of practicing financial planning before we started to see money not only as a thing, but as an energy and a resource. One that we create, utilize and direct towards the things or causes that matter to us.


When we first opened the doors to Falcon Lam in 2014, we were focused on providing objective and transparent financial advice for families. However, we did not have the ability to see beyond the numbers (investment rate of return, investment analysis, best suitable product, more business profits) when it came to our clients or our own personal finances.

Beyond our number one priority to serve clients first, our business goals were very numbers-oriented. We wanted to serve ‘x’ number of clients, generate ‘x’ amount of revenue, incur ‘x’ amount in expenses, etc. What we did not stop to think was: what did these numbers really mean for us personally, and for the life we wanted?

It wasn’t until our business coach asked us how much income we needed personally to live the life we want today. This question was a game-changer for us. We immediately wrote on our giant-sized sticky note during a business planning session: ‘What matters to Thuy/Marlene? What is the life we want, and how much is it going to cost?’

During this session, we gained an awareness that many of our life decisions were made because of the way we interacted with money. We realized that our money stories were keeping us from flowing money towards the things that really mattered the most to us and towards creating a business with the impact that we envisioned.


With this new awareness about HOW money played out in our lives and influenced our life decisions, we started to shift our money perspective and took action in our own life and in our business.



As a result of being a student of our own programs, we are now aligning our life to the things that matter to us. This shift has created space for us to invest in ourselves and supporting the causes we care about the most. Today, for example, we are walking daily, practicing yoga and pilates, travelling three times a year, taking regular retreats, selecting safer products for the home, as well as leading and giving back to organizations that empower women.

Having experienced the results for ourselves and our clients, we are excited to offer our programs to inspired women like you, to step into the life they want – the career change you’ve been dreaming of, the connected relationship you long for, creating or growing a thriving business and making the income that you deserve!

No matter how you feel about money or what your current situation is, we are here to listen and to support your goals!

With love,

Marlene and Thuy

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