Money Confidence

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The life you want is within reach - overcome money limitations to transform your life!  

Are you waiting for that ‘one day’ to start making the income you want, and to be living your ideal life?

You are doing what it takes, but money keeps getting in the way of turning your dreams to reality.  And you’re finding yourself feeling:

  • Anxious when thinking about money
  • Stressed out in a job that you chose because of money
  • Guilty when you spend money on yourself
  • Unhappy because money is putting a strain on your relationship 
  • Frustrated because no matter how hard you work, you can’t seem to get ahead
  • Overwhelmed when you need to make financial decisions
  • Trapped in a relationship because of money
  • Tired of not having the time or money to invest in the things you care about
  • Worried that you won’t have enough 

If this is you, WE have the support and tools you need to transform your life.  Get ready to zero in on what matters most to you.  By focusing on your life priorities, you will start to create a money flow that aligns with the life that you want for your and your family.


In our signature program, you will throw out your mediocre money results and work directly with us, the Heart-Centred Money Mentors to:

  • Remove the obstacles and limiting beliefs that have prevented you from achieving your highest money potential.
  • Gain the knowledge and support to take massive action that creates the money you want to live the life you deserve.
  • Center your decisions so EVERYTHING ties back to YOUR heart-centred vision for your life.
  • Discover an income goal that is meaningful to YOUR life and build an income plan to meet that goal.
  • Identify your money gap and create an action plan to get the money you’re missing in your pocket.
  • Re-energize your life when you start spending time and money on things that align with your heart and your wallet.
  • Get in tune with your numbers and toss out that budget! Understand how your spending and investing is creating you money.  We’re making numbers sexy again.
  • Transform your mindset, heart, and soul, so your money story is overflowing with abundance and prosperity.
  • Stop stressing over where the money is going to come from and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with money freedom.