Your primary Money Mask is the


And, before you make any assumptions, there is no ‘ideal’ Money Mask type. All the Money Masks have loads of strengths as well as blind spots to watch out for.

So what does it mean to be a ‘Monk’?

You have a big heart and prioritize helping others and making an impact.
When it comes to investing, you tend to choose socially responsible investing that aligns with your values.
You prefer to live a modest life and money is not the main driver or motivator of what you do.
You may have a faith that guides your money decisions.
You believe that money can be a source of seduction, greed, or corruption.

And as a Money Monk, there’s more to this than what meets the eye…

So what’s the problem?

Your #1 priority of giving first can potentially interfere with your financial well being.
You tend to undervalue yourself and you find it difficult to ask for compensation that represents your worth.
You may have resistance to investing your money for fear that it may grow and make you wealthy.
You may feel uneasy about the thought of receiving a large lump sum of money because of the thought of what money brings with it.

Now imagine…

Instead of worrying about money, you get to a place where you can spend your money with ease.
You already have everything you need - the perfect recipe of skills, talents and discipline to do this - you just need some tools and support to help you take everything to the next level.
If you’re ready and you’ve been asking for a sign or mentor to help you, we are here. We invite you to book a free clarity call with us to release your money blocks and take your money game to the next level.

With love and gratitude,
Thuy and Marlene