Hi Friend!

We’re so happy that you’ve landed here. We are Marlene and Thuy, the heart-centred money makers. “We have an unwavering commitment to serve individuals like you to earn, spend, save, invest and give with PURPOSE” We believe when you are empowered with your money, you become unstoppable. 

Through our signature program, workshops, and community, we inspire you to take heart-centred action towards creating the money result that delivers the life that you want and the impact you want to make.
Work with the heart-centred Money Makers. 
Unleash your money potential.

So How Did It All Start For Us?

Our beautiful friendship is built upon a shared passion for design, cooking, entertaining, nature, and human potential. It is strengthened by lots of curiosity about the way things work, challenging the status quo, and always asking WHY. 

Several years ago, it became clear that we were making money in a way that was not aligned with our values and our purpose. This was the pivotal moment when we confidently pushed our fear aside, to creatively leverage our combined 40 years of making money in the financial industry in a way that was aligned with our soul. We left behind the security of knowing how to make money through selling financial instruments and created a heart-centred business that is serving our values and our purpose.

Which Brings Us To YOU

You are an inspiration. We see you: 
Giving your whole heart to your family, your business, your clients, your community. 
Leading your life with purpose, passion, and soul. 
Building a beautiful business based on your values. 
Anxious about your ability to provide for your family and your future. 
*Stuck at an income level that is lower than what you want, but you don’t know how to earn more. 
* Lost trying to figure out how to create revenue in your business to pay yourself what you deserve. 
* Desperately searching for the time and financial freedom that you dreamt of when you started your business. 
* Trapped IN your business, with no time to work ON your business. Nevermind having time for you. 

You’re not one of those individuals chasing a luxury lifestyle — not that there’s anything wrong with that. You just want to earn what deep-down you know you deserve. 

You started your business because you have an enormous vision to create an impact on your family, your community, and the world. And you are phenomenal at what you do. 

So why is money such a pain point in your life and business?
More income. More impact. 
 More freedom. More peace of mind.

Money Is A Powerful Tool For Your Heart-Centred Success.

It should not and does not have to be the reason for your worries. The time is NOW for you to unleash your money potential and live on your terms. 

The time is NOW for you to: 
Achieve the lifestyle and freedom that you wanted when you started your business — because YES, you deserve it, and YES, it will happen for you. 
* Heal your relationship with money, and the role it plays in your life, family and business. Money will be a source of good from here on out. 
* Stop stressing over where the money is going to come from and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with money creation
* Understand and harness the power of your money numbers instead of feeling trapped and ashamed by them. 
* Joyfully provide for yourself and your family thanks to your fulfilling business, which is now a money-making-machine
* Make the money you want, so you can live the life you deserve — a beautiful, heart-centred life that you live on YOUR terms.

Together, let's revitalize your ability to create the life you want empowered by your heart-centred money!

We want to support you in this journey. 
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