The Life You Deserve Awaits.

You had a dream once. You dreamt of a business that: 
* Gave you the time freedom to work when you wanted. 
* Empowered you to only work with brands and companies that align with your values. 
* Supported your desire to do good in the world. 
* Enabled you to spend the amount of time you wanted with your family and yourself.
* Allowed you to make money, and live life, on your terms. 

You did not start your business to become the next female Billionaire (though hey, if it happens, you won’t complain either). You have aggressive income goals because the money your business makes represents the impact you’re making in your family, your community, and the world. You are fed up because you have done everything right, but you're finding yourself over-worked, without time for the things that matter to you in your life.

YOU, heart-centered friend: 
* Are you losing your faith and doubting your ability to merge your incredible talent and gifts into a heart-centred business that is a money-making machine? 
* Refuse to throw more money out the window on things like branding photos, promotional swag, networking, and other investments that made you exactly $0.00? 
* No longer tolerate a life of stressing over where the time is going to come from. You can and should be spending quality time for yourself and the people you love.
* Crave clarity, focus, and guided accountability so you can take massive action towards creating the extraordinary and impactful life you desire? 
* Are serious about creating freedom and living the life you deserve, and you’re ready to make changes to get it? 
* Are ready to take a step back and work ON your business instead of constantly drowning IN your business?
Unleash your money potential 
and live the life that you want.


You took a bold risk when you left your previous work life behind to pursue your vision of creating an income and lifestyle on your terms. You bravely chose purpose over stability, because you know deep in your heart that you can bring good to the world through your business. 

You were burnt out, frustrated, unappreciated, and unfulfilled in your former life. Going into business for yourself was your chance to blend your beautiful gifts and your incredible heart with your ability to make money.

Only, you’re not where you want to be. At least not the freedom that you want. Or deserve.

You’re exhausted earning what you have, but it’s not the amount you want. 

Time and financial freedom — what’s that? Most days, it feels like you have less flexibility than when you were locked in your cubicle. Only now there is more pressure on you to succeed than ever. 

Your family depends on your ability to shatter that financial glass ceiling you keep crashing into and make more money. 

Oh, and that impact you were going to create? Sure, you help your clients. But you aren’t helping nearly enough of them to fulfill your mission, and you have no clue how you’re going to find the time to take on more. You are struggling to keep up as it is.

This is not why you got into business

You believe that you can and should be making more money while having time freedom because you are capable and worthy of the dream life you imagined for yourself when you started your entrepreneurial journey. 

You know that there has to be another way. And the good news, my friend, is that there is. 

Make the money you want and live the life you deserve.

Heart-Centred Money Making for Entrepreneurs

You will get empowered to find the clarity, focus, and guided accountability you crave to create a business that will deliver the life that you want for yourself. 

We aren’t like most business coaches who see money as a black and white issue. We see beautiful shades of grey (and pink) that tell us a story about you and your business. 

We are going to help you! 
This is YOUR life 
This is YOUR business 
* This is YOUR heart 
* This is YOUR family on the line. 

We are going to come up with customized solutions that work for you!
Unleash your money potential and live the life that you want.

Your time is now.

YOUhave a dream to grow your business, earn the money you deserve, create your ideal lifestyle, and make a real difference in the world. WE offer the support, tools, and solutions to make it happen — a lot quicker and easier than you imagined. 

The time is NOW for you to: 
Achieve the time and lifestyle freedom that you wanted when you started your business — because YES, you deserve it, and YES, it will happen for you. 
* Understand and harness the power of your money numbers instead of feeling trapped and ashamed by them. 
* Joyfully provide for yourself and your family thanks to your fulfilling business, which is now a money-making-machine. 
* Make the money you want, so you can live the life you deserve — a beautiful, heart-centred life that you live on YOUR terms.

Heart-Centered Money Making Testimonials

Heather Smith, Co-Owner of RCS Roofing

"Being self-employed, we don't have a pension. So dealing with these ladies and then helping us to get where we are, our financial freedom, has been phenomenal. They are loving women who just envelop you. I can go on and on, but fantastic is the word I would use to describe them."
Debbie Wilson-Smith & Cindy Hubble, Owners of Gardens of Joy

"We are blessed and grateful that Falcon Lam has come into our lives! Definitely the issue we identified was that to grow our business, we needed to work less in the business and more ON our business. This takes both time and money, and it’s something Thuy has helped us with. In the past year working with Thuy, our sales doubled."
Christine McAlister, Owner of Christine’s Tax & Business Services

"My challenge at the beginning before I started working here was there really was no time, it was just business, business, business. I was very overwhelmed. Falcon Lam gave me amazing results. There has been an increase in revenue and time freedom."
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