Money Empowerment

Are money limitations keeping you from living the life you want? 

* Gain the competence and confidence to take massive action that creates the life you want to live. 
* Center your decisions so EVERYTHING ties back to YOUR heart-centred vision for your life. 
* Create an intentional spending plan that aligns with how you want to earn, spend, save, invest, and give with purpose. 

Gain freedom from your money to transform your life! 

YOU had a dream once - to be doing what you love, to earn your ideal income, to create an extraordinary life for you and your family, and to make a real difference in the world.
But this money thing keeps getting in the way and you’re feeling:
* Unhappy because money is putting a strain on your relationship. 
* Guilty when you spend money on yourself. 
* Anxious when thinking about money. 
* Stressed out in a job that you chose to stay in because of money. 
* Frustrated because no matter how hard you work, you can’t seem to get ahead. 
* Trapped in a relationship because of money. 
* Overwhelmed when you need to make financial decisions. 
* Tired of not having the time or money to invest in the things you are about.
* Worried that you won’t have enough.


If you’re ready to do the work, we have the support and tools you need to start transforming your life. By focusing on your life priorities, up-leveling your knowledge and having access to a Money Mentor, you will gain a new freedom!
In our signature program, you will throw out your mediocre money results and work directly with us to: 
* Remove the obstacles and limiting beliefs that have prevented you from achieving your highest money potential. 
* Gain the knowledge and support to take massive action that creates the money you want to live the life you deserve. 
* Center your decisions so EVERYTHING ties back to YOUR heart-centred vision for your life. 
* Identify your money gap and create an action plan to get the money you’re missing in your pocket. 
* Get in tune with your numbers and toss out that budget! We’re making numbers sexy again. 
*Transform your mindset, heart, and soul, so your money story is overflowing with abundance and prosperity. 
*Stop stressing over where the money is going to come from and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with money freedom.
Get ready to unleash Your Money Potential.

Money Empowerment Testimonials

Elsa Bagnall, Customer Service
"I had been negligent over the course of years. What I understand is that it’s not solely a financial inventory. It’s also an inventory of your life, how you feel, where you are, where you’d like to be. It’s a very transformative journey. It’s an internal thing…it’s about finding your happiness. You can see from working with them that there is real concern about you as an individual. If you are looking to move forward financially and emotionally, these two women are very intuitive."
Vicki Jordan, Marketing Communications Consultant 

"They really take the time to get to know you. I think it makes all the difference in the world, because then they can really ask the questions when you maybe start going down a wrong path or rabbit whole. They bring you back on course…and say ‘well, I thought you wanted this or that’. It’s very comfortable, and I’ll have to say, I’m not that at ease with finances. I would definitely recommend Falcon Lam, and in fact have done so. One of my friends is already a client."
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