"Awareness is all about restoring your freedom to choose what you want instead of what your past imposes on you."
Deepak Chopra

Transform Your Money Mindset

You might be unaware of the powerful role that your money mask plays in your life. Your money mask is a lens through which you see the world. It shapes the way you feel about money, your emotions, and the meanings you attach to money. 

Your money mask influences your relationship with money, perpetuates your money stories, and builds money blocks that keep you from reaching your money potential.
* Constantly worry about creating more money — no matter how much of it you amass — because you feel as though you can never have enough? 
De-prioritize essential things — like investing in your self-care and wellness — because you’re not making the income that you want yet? 
Avoid money issues the way you avoid bumping into your Ex? When the bills come in, you let them pile up on the counter and procrastinate opening them at all costs. 
* Participate in money conversations with your partner, financial advisor, or accountant, while secretly having no clue about how your money is doing? 
* Think of money as the root of all evil? You often feel greedy when you think about your desire for more money. 

Oh friend, if you said yes to even one of these questions, then we’d like to introduce you to your Money Mask. 

Your Money Mask is a deep-rooted perspective that subconsciously drives all your money decisions. If you want to gain freedom from your money mask, let’s start by unveiling her and taking away her power. 

You can do this with others just like you, in a safe, confidential, and interactive workshop.
Overcome your money blocks. 
Gain peace of mind.

Money Goes Deeper Than The Numbers

From our life experiences and upbringing, we develop our Money Mask. She shapes our attitudes and feelings towards money, and more importantly, our level of money success. Most of us spend our lives unaware that we are making decisions through the lens of our Money Mask. 

Your Money Mask is your way of being with money. It defines your relationship with money, and it influences how you create it, earn it, spend it, save it, and give it away.
Expand your money perspective. 
Create new money possibilities.

Unveil Your Money Mask - Examine Money As Power, Freedom, Burden, and Opportunity

Unveil your Money Mask is a workshop for individuals like you, where you will explore your money mask and how she how has been influencing your life decisions when it comes to choosing your relationships, career, and overall wellness. 

This is an empowering, judgment-free, interactive, and reflective session where you will explore your relationship with money in a safe and confidential environment with other incredible heart-centred women just like you.

Your New Money Life Awaits

* Transform your relationship with money and the role it plays in your life, family, business, and community. Money will be a source of good from here on out. 

* Change your mindset, heart, and soul, so your money story is overflowing with abundance and prosperity. 

* Stop stressing over where the money is going to come from and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being free from your money.

When you attend Unveil your Money Mask, you will:

Identify your Money Mask. 
* Discover your money decision-making habits. 
* Understand how your Money Mask interferes with your money results. 
* Expand your money perspective to see new money possibilities. 
* See money opportunities more clearly. 
* Transform your money mindset. 
* Gain the power to choose your money future rather than having it dictated to you.

Unveil Your Money Mask Testimonials

Jennie Gerigs, Financial Advisor 

"I am so excited for what I discovered…what I really got was that, the way that my life has been running…I haven’t been aware that I had this money mask on. Doing the work has really opened up a whole new awareness about where’s the leak, what’s happening, what I’m going to do about it. I am so inspired and so excited and I’m ready to make changes with what I’ve discovered."
Alice Soon, Marketing Strategist & Writer

"It was a really empowering and enlightening experience. You get to be in a space with other women who are vulnerable and open to really share and start peeling back the layers about what holds us back. It’s a life-changing environment…it’s difficult work since you have to face yourself, your fears and your goals. But as you go through the workshop, you feel really welcome and safe to go down that path. At the end of the day, I just felt really empowered and made some great connections with some incredible women."
Unleash your money potential 
and live life on your terms.
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