Training Starts
Apr 5th from 4pm to 5pm EST

marlene falcon and tuy

Unveil your Money Mask 

We created this 60-minute BREAKTHROUGH
workshop for Independent Women to:

Understand how your money personality impacts your life choices and your financial success.

Uncover and release the money blocks that have been standing in your way.

Start making friends with your money and alleviate your financial stress.

Unveil your Money Mask

is a game-changing session that

women have been raving about

Why should I care about

My money personality ?

Money personalities affect the way we behave when making financial decisions and how we go about spending, saving and investing. Successful people come in a variety of types, but a common denominator is that they have an awareness of their own personality with money.
You make good income…but you constantly feel like you’re just getting by and you may have debt piling up.
You avoid dealing with your finances…and you may be behind on your taxes or have been taken advantage of financially.
You have arguments and disagreements about money with your partner.
You may have significant savings…yet you still have a bucket list that’s unfulfilled.
You are overworked and underpaid…and you start sounding like a broken record saying you have no quality time with your family or self-care.
You can sabotage your wealth building strategies…and get lured into risky investments schemes.
You have a love-hate relationship with money…so you are not able to attract money or grow your bank account.

Your money personality also comes with a set of money beliefs and money blocks. Here are some of the most common money blocks. Do any of these ring a bell?  

“I have to work hard to make money.” 

“I just want to help
people. I don’t care about the money.” 

“Money causes greed
and corruption.”

“I can’t afford that.”

“I am bad with money.”  

And here’s the good news - with awareness, you can overcome
your money blocks and transform your relationship with money.

What happens when you uncover your money blocks? 

You can go back to a place of deep trust and peace with money.
You’ll have the ability to rewrite old money stories and clear money blocks that no longer serve you.
You will gain confidence and competence with your finances.
You will build new money habits and attract abundance with ease.
marlene and tuy
Alice Soon

Marketing Expert

“Doing the work today has opened a whole new awareness about where the money leak is, what’s happening, and what I am going to do about it. I am so excited to make changes with what I’ve discovered.”

Jennie Gerigs

Financial Advisor

“In a space with other women who are vulnerable, to really share what is holding us back both financially, and in life. It’s a life-changing environment. It’s difficult work. You’ve got to face yourself, your fears, your goals and what you want to do in life. But with Marlene and Thuy, you feel welcome and safe to do down that path.”

Elizabeth Carrera


“I really learnt a lot about myself. It taught me how the decisions I made in my life have been influenced by my thinking about money. You are in a safe place, you feel comfortable, and go on a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. This will help me make better decisions about my money choices.”

Training Starts
Apr 5th from 4pm to 5pm EST

Here’s what to expect when you join

Unveil your Money Mask :

Transformative-based learning that will cause money breakthroughs

Awareness about your deep rooted beliefs about money

A possibility for you to think, know and act beyond your existing money beliefs

A safe space for women like you, to support and inspire one another

Join the Money Mindset training that women have been raving about.

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