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Ditch your restrictive budget and stop waiting till 65 to start checking off your bucket list.  Spend big on the things that you love and save intentionally to secure your financial independence.

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Free money personality QUIZ

Crack your money code to finally determine what is standing in the way of your financial success.

Understanding your money personality is the first step towards your financial wellness, helping you to uncover your money blocks, and identifying where you need to take action.

The path to your DREAM LIFE starts here

Unlike most personal finance methods that focus on restrictive budgeting and ‘one day’ when you retire, our holistic approach includes:

The life you want

Creating a vision of your dream life TODAY and using this as a compass to guide the way that you spend, save and invest.

Money mindset

Overcoming money blocks that are holding you back from living the life you want and achieving financial success.

Financial empowerment

Learning a simple system to manage your money confidently - to pay off debt, invest like a pro, and build wealth.

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Money Mentors in Canada

With us you will find the best Money Mentors and Money Coaches in Canada.

Our passion is to create a brighter financial future for WOMEN

We are leading the change in these $$ stats

35 %
of couples say money is primary cause of stress in relationships
83 cents
is the what women earn for every dollar men make.
55 cents
is the amount of wealth women have for every dollar of wealth men have.
41 %
reduction in women’s household income after divorce vs 23% men.
0 %
of couples say money is
primary cause of stress
in relationships
0 cents
is the what women earn for every dollar men make.
0 cents
is the amount of wealth women have for every dollar of wealth men have.
0 %
reduction in women’s household income after divorce vs 23% men.

About Marlene & Thuy

Hi friend!

We are so happy that you’ve landed here. We are Marlene and Thuy (Twee), the heart-centred money mentors.

After spending 20+ years as financial planners, we found ourselves unhappy with the current financial advice model based on the principle of ‘restrictive’ budgeting, and planning only for retirement. What about living a joyful life today? And what about the importance of our money mindset?

We eventually made the decision to carve our own path as Money Mentors, taking a more holistic approach to finances.

If you decide to work with us, we will guide you through a simple, stress-free method to handle your finances, put your investments on autopilot and build wealth confidently without restrictive budgets, money arguments, or shame and guilt around your spending.

Making a difference and empowering people with their money is our higher calling.

We have an insane passion for food and cooking. Our beautiful friendship is built upon a shared passion for personal growth, learning, nature and family.


What clients are SAYING

"There is great value when you go to Falcon Lam. The ladies will help you understand the silent secret of money and how to adjust your behavior to accomplish all your goals. I love the sincere output I received from them and they have helped us tremendously as well with the company finances and business development. Thanks ladies for your passion, your knowledge, expertise and patience"

Vanessa Cortes

Head of Finance, Megafone Media

"Wow I cannot say enough great things about Falcom Lam.

Knowledge based with high emotional intelligence to help women understand their relationship with money in a positive and healthy way."

Meredith Skinner

"Marlene and Thuy are so passionate about what they do! I recently participated in their Money Mask session and felt that it was a great eye opener! One I would recommend to all my friends, family and clients....anyone that wants to improve their relationship with Money! Thank you ladies for your attentiveness and encouragement to share in a safe space. I am looking forward to continuing to work with you!"

Samantha Gowda

Insurance Broker, Desjardins Financial


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Controlling your spending is like a yo-yo diet!

How in control of your spending are you feeling right now?


6 easy ways to cut through your financial clutter.

Do you often feel like you do not have a handle on your finances?


The Money Conversation No One Is Having.

Money can be a really difficult topic to talk about, and especially with our partners.


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