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Do you want

more Money + more Time?

Discover the freedom that comes when you revolutionize your finances and rewire your money mindset.

Money Mentors in Canada

With us you will find the best Money Mentors and Money Coaches in Canada.

Hi Friend!

 financial consultation services in Canada and USA

We are so happy that you’ve landed here. We are Marlene and Thuy (Twee), the heart-centred Money Mentors.

We believe that money goes deeper than the numbers.  Our work involves getting crystal clear on what brings you joy & happiness, rewiring your money mindset and uplevelling your finances – so you can have the time + money freedom that you have been dreaming of.

Your Roadmap to Money Freedom

The Life You Want

Build a lifestyle around
your joy & happiness.
Align your money +
time to deliver this
heart- centred vision of your life.

Money Mindset

Overcome your money
blocks and transform your
money beliefs and money
habits to attract

Financial Empowerment

Learn practical steps to
ditch your budget, pay
down debt, check off your
bucket list and thrive

Live Training on Money & Finance

How Can We Help You?

Financial Consultation

Enjoy a powerful financial strategy session with us to gain unbiased advice on how to a resolve a financial concern that is causing you worry, stress, and uncertainty.

Money Freedom

Get a handle on your finances, pay down debt, remove money friction in your relationship, and free yourself from a job that just pays the bills. Align your money + time to deliver the life you want TODAY.

Free Clarity Call

Guidance on how to address your most pressing money concerns and financial worries. Understand how our programs work and assess if we are the right Money Mentor for you.

To Create More MONEY + More TIME,
We Need to Change These $ Stats:

35 %
of couples say money is primary cause of stress in relationships
48 %
of Canadians lost sleep because of financial worries
# 1
cause of stress is money
53 %
of Canadians live paycheque to paycheque
0 %
of couples say money is
primary cause of stress
in relationships
0 cents
Is the what women earn for every dollar men make
0 cents
Is the amount of wealth women have for every dollar of wealth men have
0 %
Reduction in women’s household income after divorce vs 23% men

Marlene & Thuy

Marlene and Thuy are former CFPs with 20+ years of experience in the financial industry.  In serving hundreds of families over the years, they came to realize that money goes deeper than the numbers.  

When you work with Marlene and Thuy, they will guide through a  simple, stress-free method to handle your finances, keep more money in your pocket and build wealth confidently —  WITHOUT budgeting, arguments, shame or guilt.

Making a difference and empowering people with their money is their higher calling.

Marlene and Thuy have an insane passion for food and cooking. Their beautiful friendship is built upon a shared passion for personal growth, learning, nature and family.

Client Wins

We want to create more MONEY+ more TIME
for as many individuals as posible

Our question is, will YOU be one of them?

Free Money Personality Quiz

Crack your money code and to finally determine what is standing in the way of your financial success.

Free Money and Finance Training

Learn about what is keeping you from having

more MONEY + more TIME.

Take control of your finances and break free from your money blocks.

Financial Consultation Services in Canada

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