money freedom


Thuy and Marlene will teach you a proven method to manage your finances confidently and align your money to support your dream life.

Spend guilt-free on the things you love and travel to your heart’s delight while securing your retirement!

YOU had a dream once

To do what you love, to earn your ideal income, to create an extraordinary
life for you and your family, and to make a real difference in the world.


Not knowing where your money is going

Stuck in a job that is stealing quality time from your family

Tired of not having a clear path to pay down debt

Juggling to pay your bills no matter how much money you make

Unhappy because money is creating friction in your relationship

Not knowing where your money is going


Making more money and being financially savvy won’t necessarily give you

the life you want

because money goes deeper than the numbers

Marlene and Thuy

Be debt-free

Buy your dream house

Retire 10 years early

Go on a hike with beautiful views every morning

Pay for your extended family to join you on a dream vacation to Bora Bora

Have the ability to retire your parents

And the good news is that as frustrating as money is for you right now, you CAN change all that. 

We have your back

Money Freedom

If all of this music to your ears, give yourself the GIFT of working with us.
Let us be your personal guide to crush your

financial goals and live your dream life. 

money freedom

with Marlene Falcon and Thuy Lam

Money Freedom

In this program, we’ll help you:

DE-CLUTTER your finances and set up a simplified system to know where your money is going.

FREE UP YOUR CASH FLOW – spend freely on what you LOVE and remove expenses that are robbing your cash.

REWIRE YOUR MINDSET to see money differently and create more richness in your life.

AUTOMATE your savings, investing and debt paydown plan to achieve financial freedom.

ANSWER all your money questions. You get private 1-on-1 sessions with Marlene and Thuy every other week for six months — so you'll be fully supported on personalized solutions for YOU.

money freedom

Unlike most personal finance methods

which focus on restrictive budgets and accumulating wealth until the ‘one day’ that you retire, Money Freedom is about living your DREAM LIFE now, while securing your financial future.

Here’s how MONEY FREEDOM is delivered:

12 confidential sessions with us that will produce breakthroughs and empower you to think and act beyond your existing money beliefs.

Identify where your money blocks and money limitations show up and how it impacts your relationships and money results.

Align your savings, investing and giving so that everything flows to support the life you want.

Create an intentional income and spending plan that is focused on what brings you joy and happiness.

Tap into our expertise to declutter and revolutionize your finances.

Money freedom


Additional support from your FINANCIAL MENTOR

If you’re ready to live the life of your DREAMS your next step is to find out if we are the right Money Mentor for you.

Click to schedule a FREE Discovery Call

Your path to live your DREAM LIFE starts here. 

Ditch your budget and spend big on the things that you LOVE. Remove unnecessary expenses and financial products that are robbing your cash flow.

Have your latte, check off your bucket list AND secure your financial future – in an easy and fun way!

Your path to living your DREAM LIFE starts here. 

Ditch your restrictive budget and spend big on the things that you LOVE. Remove unnecessary expenses and financial products that are robbing your cash flow.

Have your latte, check off your bucket list AND secure your financial freedom – in an easy and fun way!

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Money Mentors in Canada

With us you will find the best Money Mentors and Money Coaches in Canada.