Do you want an Intentional Spending Plan?

Hey, we are Marlene and Thuy. We want to create FREEDOM for as many people as possible. Our question is, will YOU be one of them?

You’re probably here because you’ve tried to live off a budget and wondering why it’s not working out. You have good intentions of saving for retirement, paying down your debt, or steering clear of charging your next shopping spree on your credit card. Yet somehow, you’re not able to balance your budget. It leaves you feeling like you’re not good with money or that you’re doing something wrong.

It’s not you. You’re awesome. We can relate to you. This budget thing sucks and it’s not for everyone. We’re about to share with you what’s been working for us and for our clients.


  • See how we can accelerate your money freedom.
  • The Life You Want – take massive action towards living life today, on your own terms
  • Money Empowerment – unlock your money potential and stop your money leakage
  • Money Mindset – release your money blocks and remove anxiety about your money


What is a Budget?

Budgeting is the process of setting up, tracking and evaluating your spending. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Let’s face it. Budgeting sucks. And that’s why most people struggle with it. It’s time consuming and made for certain kinds of people, usually those who enjoy playing around with numbers on a spreadsheet.

We are in no way discrediting people who find that budgeting works for them. That is not what we’re here to do.

Instead, we want to offer our thoughts on why budgeting sucks, and what’s a solution that works.


Why Budgeting Sucks

  • Budgets are boring and tedious.
  • Budgets make most people feel overwhelmed, anxious and worried. Budgets are restrictive.
  • Budgets trigger many negative feelings.
  • Budgets are hard to keep up with. Budgets are abstract.
  • Budgets are too structured, while life is not.
  • Budgets are overrated. Budgets don’t account for your overall financial situation.
  • Budgets focus on the wrong thing.
  • Budgets exist to control your spending.
  • Budgets are not empowering.
  • Budgets can be a false assessment of how well you’re managing your money.

Here’s What to Do Instead

The good news? You don’t have to feel guilty about not being able to stick to a budget.

Way back in our financial planning days, we were taught that budgeting was an essential component for alleviating financial success. But neither one of us had ever used a budget, and we witnessed that it didn’t work for our clients either.

This led us to think that there must be another way. We took a step back from our left-brain orientation to rediscover ourselves. What was it that made us happy, and what was the life that we wanted? Once we were clear on this heart-centered vision of our lives, we reflected on our spending and realized that it was not in line with the things that made us happy.

This was the beginning of creating our Intentional Income and Spending Plan. And since then, we’ve been using this tool with our clients. The results have been phenomenal.

And here’s what can happen when you ditch that budget!

  • No more monthly tracking of your spending
  • No more controlling or judging your spending
  • No more income limitation
  • No more shame or anxiety about your money
  • No more waiting for tomorrow
  • No more feeling trap in a relationship or a job

So, what is this fabulous Intentional Income and Spending Plan

In the comments below, let us know how this budget thing is working out for you. And if you’ve already ditched that budget, let us know what you’re doing instead.

With love and gratitude,
Marlene and Thuy

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Hey, We are Marlene and Thuy. We want to create more MONEY + more TIME for as many individuals as possible. Our question is, will YOU be one of them?

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